Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Curse of the Undead Movie Review

The year is 1959. Vampire movies had been a staple on the big screen for years, and westerns were all the craze on television, so it was only natural that a movie that combined both genres be made, and that's what we have here with Curse of the Undead. As dead bodies begin to pop up, the denizens of a small Old West town begin to panic, and false accusations are tossed around. We have many of the things you expect from a western movie--drunkards, saloon fights, shoot-outs, arguments over land and whatnot, and a mysterious stranger dressed all in black--it will surprise nobody to learn this is the killer, and, naturally, the vampire.

And snazzy dresser to boot

From this point the movie shifts more toward a vampire/horror film, and brings some interesting twists to what people in 1959 knew as vampire movies--our vampire here can walk in the sunlight, he doesn't turn his victims into vampires, and is only a vampire himself because he killed himself in his previous life. He doesn't seem to WANT to kill people--he just does. Michael Pate does a decent job as Robey, the vampire, but the rest of the cast is sub-par, to say the least. The story struggles to gain traction and never really does find its footing, and the direction leaves a lot to be desired. Worst of all, the movie is really just...boring. As a fan of both horror films and westerns, I was somewhat excited to see this hybrid of the genres, but unfortunately, Curse of the Undead fails to be good at either.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Curse of the Undead Movie Trailer

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