Tuesday, May 9, 2017


28 Weeks Later Movie Review

Set 28 weeks after the initial events of 28 Days Later, we find that NATO forces have taken control of Great Britain and have created a safe zone from the virus, which they believe to be almost completely eliminated. Two kids sneak out of the zone to visit their old home, where they find their mother still alive. The U.S. Military, headed up by sniper Doyle (Jeremy Renner), brings the kids and their mother back only to discover the woman has the virus, as well as an immunity to it. To nobody's surprise, the virus breaks out again and all hell breaks loose.

There's one way to escape

Much like in the first film, one could argue about if these are zombies or not--I won't argue one way of the other, because it really doesn't matter. This movie takes the violence and bloodshed of the first film and turns it up a notch. This was arguably Renner's breakout role--it's certainly what made me a fan, as he does a fantastic job here. Robert Carlyle (Eragon) also turns in a fine performance, and Rose Byrne of Insidious fame stops as well, but overall the acting is a step down from the first film. The movie moves at a very good pace, and there are some pretty surprising moments along the way. The story is very smart and the film is sure to keep you glued the entire time. The movie ends with a lead in to what has long been rumored to be the third installment of the film, allegedly 28 Months Later, but alas, nothing has come about yet. While most sequels do not live up to the original, this one comes awfully close.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

28 Weeks Later Movie Trailer

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