Monday, May 8, 2017


28 Days Later Movie Review

Bicycle courier Jim (Cillian Murphy) awakens in a London hospital to find the city largely abandoned, the result of a virus that has eliminated much of the country and turned thousands into raging killing machines. This 2002 film sort of set the horror world on fire upon its release, and really brought new life to the zombie genre--of course, the argument could be made that what we see in the movie aren't zombies at all, and it's a fair argument, but lets face it--this is a zombie movie.

"What did you call me?!"

Jim meets up with a woman named Selena (Naomie Harris, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies), and they eventually come across a man named Frank (Brendan Gleeson, the Harry Potter Series) and his daughter Hannah (Megan Burns), and after hearing a radio broadcast, the group decides to travel to a supposed safe camp, but when they arrive, and we see it is a military camp, we know things are going to go bad. The wheels begin to fall off when the characters at the camp begin to unleash their real intentions, but there is so much to like about this movie that it likely won't turn you off to the film. The acting is top-notch, with all four of the actors mentioned above doing a tremendous job. The violence and gore are unrelenting, the music is fantastic, and the directing (Danny Boyle) is wonderful. The zombies are presented in a way we had not quite seen before, which, when the movie hit theatres, truly blew the audience away--you could almost hear the entire world all at once proclaim "the zombies are FAST!". 28 Days Later is considered a modern classic, a title it certainly deserves. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 9

28 Days Later Movie Trailer

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