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Knowing Movie Review

Fifty years after an elementary school class leaves a time capsule filled with their visions of the future, it is discovered one girls paper, which appears to be just a random numbers, is actually a series of numbers predicting disasters that would occur over the next fifty years. This 2009 Nicholas Cage film isn't so much horror as it is a sci-fi big screen disaster movie, but I feel it has enough horror elements to warrant an addition to this site.

This would give me nightmares

The underlying question in this film: is everything predetermined, where every little thing in life leads to the present, or is everything random? Sooo....smoking a joint before watching might not be the worst thing you could do. The acting is...well, it's almost all Cage and Chandler Canterbury, who plays Cage's son Caleb--you know what to expect from Cage, and Canterbury is pretty unbearable. An actress horror fans are very aware of, Rose Byrne (Insidious, 28 Weeks Later), stops in about midway through the film as well. The effects are very CGI laden, to very mixed results.

This one is particularly good

Another debate in this film is angels or aliens? I know where I stand on this, but I won't make an argument here. The lead up to the ending is actually pretty good, but the actual ending falls flat. Knowing is one of those films that hit the box office, did fairly well, but didn't set the world on fire...

Or did it?

...and was a decent movie, but one that ultimately is forgettable, having been surpassed in many ways by several similar but better outings--still, this is a movie worth checking out--just be sure you have a bowl of popcorn (and possibly a bong) in hand.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Knowing Movie Trailer

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