Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SPIDERS (2013) (aka Spiders 3D)

Spiders Movie Review

Debris from a Soviet space station lands in a New York subway, unleashing killer aliens disguised as spiders. Now the Russian scientist behind the experiment, the U.S. military, and a guy working for the city and his soon to be ex wife attempt to control the outbreak. Interestingly, just prior to watching this movie I was reading a poorly written list of different techniques filmmakers used prior to the days of the CGI takeover, the article reflecting on how creativity was more an art form back then, while I reflected on learning all this in college--anyway, mere moments after reading that article I was subjected to Spiders, a film that makes liberal use of CGI, and in 3D at that. I watched this movie via Netflix so I can't comment on how this may look in 3D, but I can't imagine it's much more impressive than what I saw.

Itsy bitsy...

The acting in this movie is pretty bad--imagine a SyFy original, only worse. That said, the aforementioned CGI is probably a step up from those films, so there's that. The story is...rough. You may find yourself wondering how a guy working in an office with no apparent combat training can get the jump on a military trained tactical specialist. You may wonder why the General (or Colonel, or whoever he was...the leader--we'll go with that) won't listen to a word the one guy who actually knows what the hell is going on is saying. You may wonder why everybody, including doctors and/or scientist, repeatedly refer to spiders as insects. You may wonder why Christa Campbell has had so much work done on her face that she can barely move it now, and I will have no answers for any of these questions. The set--let me preface this by saying I have never actually been to Manhattan, but it doesn't take a New Yorker to recognize this is not, in fact, New York City (get a rope)--it looks more like the sets at Universal Orlando, but it's not even that awesome--it was shot on a set in Bulgaria, of all places. I do enjoy the attempt to revitalize the creature feature genre of the 1950s/60s, and this movie gives it an earnest shot, including a decent military vs monster scene near the end, but this movie falls well short of the classics. Still, this is a harmless little movie that brings at least a bit of entertainment value--I'm not sure it's worth the 90 minutes you would have to dedicate to it though.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Spiders (2013) Movie Trailer

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