Saturday, January 8, 2011


The Crazies Movie Review

When a plane carrying a biological weapon crashes in a small town in Pennsylvania, the chemical gets in the water and starts to make people go crazy. Soon, the military is called in to quarantine the city and a war breaks out between the soldiers and the locals. If you have seen the remake of this film you probably think this must be a good film—I did anyways, especially considering it was directed by the legendary George A Romero. I, however, was very let down by this one. It moves at an absolute snails pace and hardly anything actually happens throughout the movie except locals and military shooting at each other, reminding me more of a western film than a zombie movie.

Lots of this going on

The acting is pretty bad and the dialogue is even worse. The audio work on the film is sub par. The ending is as boring as the rest of the movie. There are one or two scenes that are pretty well done and surprising, but they are hardly worth watching the movie to see. The idea of the movie is a good one, and I appreciate how some of the scenes were shot, but other than that there is not a lot I can say for this movie. At least it inspired a much better remake many years later.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

The Crazies Movie Trailer 

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