Thursday, August 19, 2010


Creep Movie Review

Kate (Franka Potente, Blow, House) is trapped in the London Underground overnight after falling asleep and being locked in. Now she is running from a killer mutant out for blood. This film is strange in that it felt sort of unique but also reminded me of a few other films—Midnight Meat Train and The Descent being the most obvious. It is a fairly decent movie with a bit of gore and suspense but the movie really suffers in that the hero/victim, Kate, is not a likable character at all—which is not to say that Potente did a bad job of acting, it’s just that the character, as she was written, was not likable. Honestly I was waiting the entire movie for her to die.

She doesn't here

The only two characters even remotely likable in the film, in fact, are such small characters that you seldom see them. The mutant is very disturbing and scary looking, which can sometimes be hard to pull off, so credit has to go to the makeup department for that one, as well as the actor (Sean Harris of 24 Hour Party People), whose movements and behaviors added to the creepiness. There is nothing groundbreaking in this film but there is nothing too terribly bad either. It’s actually stronger than a 6 I think, but not quite a 7, and I don't give half stars, so….

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Creep Movie Trailer

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