Sunday, December 27, 2009


 Masters of Horror: Dance of the Dead Movie Review

Set in a post World War 3 society, this is the story of a young waitress meeting a group of drug dealers in her overprotective mother's restaurant. They lead her into a world of drugs, sex, and an underground club run by Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street series). The main event at this club is "The dance of the dead", where the undead are drugged and shocked with cattle prods, resulting in the dance.

Dance zombie!

This sounds like a cool story, but the film suffers from trying to fit too much plot into a one hour episode. A pretty weak cast hurts this one as well, especially Ryan McDonald, who is like the equally annoying evil twin of Jack Black. However, it does have some interesting directing (compliments of horror legend Tobe Hooper) and Englund is at his creepy best. It really makes me wish this were a full-length film. If this has another 30 minutes to build the story and better casting it may have been a classic. It's worth a watch, especially if you are a fan of Englund, but alas, this is nothing spectacular.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Masters Of Horror: Dance Of The Dead Trailer

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