Monday, February 13, 2017

GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN (aka Gigantis, The Fire Monster)

Godzilla Raids Again Movie Review

Released the year following the surprise hit that was Godzilla, this one finds the giant reptile doing battle with more than just humans...but more on that later. The first thing you should know about this movie is the history of it. As just stated, Godzilla was an unexpected hit, so naturally the film makers wanted to follow it up--the problem was, the lovable lizard died at the end of the first film. To keep the series going (and the money rolling in), it was decided that the Godzilla from the original film was just one of its species roaming the planet, so the monster we get here isn't actually Godzilla--it's just another of the species. When the movie was Americanized, the monster's name was even changed to Gigantis, and the film renamed Gigantis, The Fire Monster--it kept this name until the 1980s, when Toho insisted the film be re titled. Got all that? Good...the other notable thing about this film is that it's the first of the franchise to introduce an enemy monster...Anguirus, to be exact.

The Battle is on...and in hyper speed

Probably due to all the mess I have just described, this outing ranks pretty low on my Godzilla list--it's kind of how you don't consider Halloween III when contemplating your favorite Halloween movies, because while it may be a Halloween movie, it doesn't have Michael Myers--though, at least this monster still LOOKS like Godzilla, so I guess it has that over Season of the Witch. The text under the picture refers to the speed of the big monster battle being increased to a comic level, which sucks the wind out of that. Everything else about the movie, including a so bad it's incredible scene with a TOY Godzilla, is just about on par with what you would expect, though the dubbing is worse here than in most. Godzilla Raids Again is still a fun monster movie--it's just not one of the best.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Godzilla Raids Again Movie Trailer

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