Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil Movie Review 

Country boys Tucker and Dale go to the mountains to restore a cabin to use as their vacation home. When they rescue a college girl from drowning and take her back to the cabin, all the girls friends come to rescue her from who they assume are killer hillbillies. I first watched this film a couple years ago, and decided to introduce it to my girlfriend this time around. This is a horror comedy movie that is two things most films in this genre are not: it's very original, and very funny. Tyler Labine is extremely likable as the dimwitted but love-struck Dale, and Alan Tudyk (Of Firefly fame) steals the show as the "wise" Tucker.

Killer hillbillies or misunderstood, nice fellas?

Even the college kids, for the most part, are well played. The special effects in the movie are impressive, and the story is both hilarious and sweet, even presenting a life lesson. All this said, it is also extremely bloody and violent. The dialogue is funny--picture Three's Company type situations combined with Shaun Of The Dead type results. Fans of horror will appreciate the absurdity of the premise, and if horror-comedy is your cup  of tea, few are as sweet as this.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 9

Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil Movie Trailer

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