Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Gore Gore Girls Movie Review

A serial killer is murdering strippers in very brutal fashion as a detective and reporter attempt to track him down. This movie is one part horror, one part comedy, one part mystery, and is not good at any of them. This is basically stripper dances, gets killed, repeat, with lots of bad dialogue and terrible acting in between. If you can make it through the first hour, however, the last twenty minutes aren’t so bad—unless maybe the first hour is so bad the last twenty minutes seems better than it actually is. At any rate, the last twenty minutes are full of death scenes and stripping, so at least something is happening. For some reason, many horror movies in the 70’s seem to throw in painfully unfunny comedy as well, and this holds true in this film. The death scenes are gory, with brains being crushed and eyeballs popped out, but it all looks so fake it is more laughable than scary. Strangely, this movie received an X rating when it was released—I have no idea why. The Gore Gore Girls really doesn't have much going for it. Skip it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

The Gore Gore Girls Movie Trailer (It's much better than the movie itself) 

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