Monday, September 27, 2010


Zombie Strippers Movie Review 

The United States Government has released a virus turning people into zombies. A soldier becomes infected, stumbles into a strip club, and infects a stripper, who infects other strippers, turning them into, yes, zombie strippers. For as bad as the plot sounds, the movie is even worse. There are a couple moments here and there that are interesting but most of the film is stripper turns into zombie, dances, kills one of the clientele, turns another stripper into a zombie, she dances, kills somebody, etc. The dialogue is awful, the acting even worse (a few people may recognize singer Roxy Saint as one of the strippers), and the special effects are horrible (especially anything CGI). There are a couple death scenes that are mildly interesting, and Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street series) is pretty awesome as the greedy club owner, but as for anything else positive about this movie, not much can be said.

His reaction when offered this role?

I understand they were trying to make a comedic B-movie here. The problem is that it is not funny (at all) and instead of coming off as homage to B-movies, it is just a really bad movie--Englund deserves so much better. I can only recommend this movie for Englund’s performance, or if you are a fan of Saint and want to see her topless and looking like a zombie. Otherwise, skip it at all costs.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

Zombie Strippers Movie Trailer  

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