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Final Girl Movie Trailer

William (Wes Bentley, P2), a master...trainer? Hit-man? Boxer?...well, we're not quite sure who he is, but we know that his wife and child were killed by a "bad man", meets Veronica, a young girl who has just lost her parents. Over the next 12 years he trains her to be...a hit-woman? Assassin? Avenger?...we're not quite sure of that either, but once we meet a group of young men who enjoy luring young women into the woods for the purpose of letting said young woman run so they can hunt her down and kill her, it becomes obvious what Veronica's purpose will be. How did William know about this pack of killers? Who knows--that question is never answered either...if you're noticing a pattern here, there's a reason, and it's the biggest problem this movie has--there are so many unanswered questions and unexplained nonsense going on that it's hard to keep focus on the film--the poor dialogue and equally poor acting do nothing to make the movie any more enjoyable.

Don't even get me started on this guy

The notion of baiting a group of killers is an interesting one, but the execution lacks, as do the scenes when the killers inevitably face their deepest fears. If all this weren't enough, the pace of the movie is terribly slow, and our hero isn't particularly likable. All this said, there are a couple of things to like about the movie--the film has some strange David Lynch crossed with a live-action anime feel to it at times, and the tension actually hits an effective level during the game near the woods--these things, however, do not justify spending the time it takes to watch this movie.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Final Girl Movie Trailer

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