Monday, July 10, 2017


The Bye Bye Man Movie Trailer

We start off in 1969, where a man grabs a shotgun and shoots everybody--including himself-- familiar with a certain name. Flash forward to modern times, and eventually some college kids discover writings left by the shotgun -wielding madman, and repeat what he was saying--"don't think it, don't say it"--over and over again. The name, as you probably know, is The Bye Bye Man, who will appear, alongside his trusty pet dog, to destroy the lives of anybody who dares know of him.

"Who said it?! Who thought it?!"

Who is The Bye Bye Man? Where did he come from? We don't know--nor do we ever really find out, which is just one of many problems with this film that, surprisingly, actually hit the big screen. Some other problems include a very shaky (at best) plot, poor (for the most part) acting, a barrage of horror cliches, and characters that are largely unlikable. Not all is bad here, however--there are a couple fairly scary scenes, some twists you may not see coming, and a somewhat decent performance from Douglas Smith as Elliot, the lead character--less impressive is Carrie-Anne Moss (Memento), who seems absolutely bored in her brief appearance. The Bye Bye Man is a so-so horror film that is so unoriginal it is destined to be lost in the ever-growing shuffle of forgettable horror films of this decade. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

The Bye Bye Man Movie Trailer

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