Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ISLE OF THE SNAKE PEOPLE (aka The Snake People aka Le Muerte Viviente)

Isle of the Snake People Movie Review

An evil scientist (horror legend Boris Karloff) oversees an army of zombies on LSD, which, with the help of the equally evil dancer, voodoo priestess, and snake handler Kalea (dancer Yolanda Montes, aka "Tongolele"), he uses to fight off anybody who dare attempt to enforce law on his island...or something like that. This 1971 film (which was shot a few years before release) is an absolute mess of a movie--at times you will swear there was just a bunch of stuff filmed and thrown together to see what sticks. The directing is so off the wall and different from scene to scene you'd think it has a dozen directors--it doesn't, but it does have two--Jack Hill shot the scenes with Karloff in the United States, and Juan Ibanez shot the rest in Mexico. There are many, many scenes where the camera moves rapidly into the faces of the actors, to the ground, to random...stuff--not a zoom, but more of the scene through the eyes of a drunkard who has stumbled upon some dark rituals. There are tons of snakes and snake handling and snake dancing, primarily from the "hot" (I use that term very loosely) Kalea...

"Do you like what you see?"

...and also a little from Annabella (Julissa...yes, just Julissa), our damsel somewhat in distress.

Yeah, I'm not touching this one

Unfortunately, this movie suffers greatly from a thin plot, no direction at all, and multiple scenes so boring you will slap yourself to stay awake, and it all starts with an extended opening scene featuring a weird midget (that's his name in the credits--"Midget") grunting for fifteen minutes as a ritual involving another man and a chicken is performed. 

"Don't forget to take home some tasty friend chicken!"

As you watch all this unfold, you will find yourself wondering how Karloff ever got himself into something like this--he certainly deserved much better, and this would end up being his next to last movie. While this film does lack much substance, it is the bizarre you may find yourself attracted to--scenes such as Annabella dreaming of chasing herself are so out there and unique that they almost make the movie worth watching...almost.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Isle of the Snake People Movie Trailer

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