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The Ugly Movie Review

In order to determine if he is rehabilitated, Dr. Karen Shumaker (Rebecca Hobbs) visits serial killer Simon Cartwright (Paolo Rotondo) in a dilapidated insane asylum.Through a series of intense questions and flashback sequences, we learn of Simon's past, one filled with mean classmates, an abusive mother, and the one person who ever cared for him. Simon explains he hears voices from "visitors" and "The Ugly", an alter-ego of sorts, and all lead him to his killings.

"Don't mind us. We're just visiting"

This 1997 film from New Zealand is very low budget, but it did manage to win a handful of awards upon its release. The acting is hit and miss--Rotondo is acceptable as the killer, and Shumaker, who looks like some strange crossing of Gillian Anderson and Kate Winslet, does a good job, but the rest of the cast is rather forgettable. The premise of the movie is interesting, but the script never quite lives up to the potential. While the film may make the viewer feel uneasy at times, it never quite reaches the level of "scary"--this is very much a slow burn type film, with the action and intensity picking up at the end, but unfortunately, the ending is quite disappointing. I bought this movie many years ago, and it sat on my shelf, unused, for probably the past fifteen years--upon coming back to it, I found The Ugly to be a movie that is much better in memory than reality.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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