Friday, May 26, 2017


Shut In Movie Trailer

Clinical psychologist Mary (Naomi Watts, The Ring) has to care for her 18 year old stepson Steven (Charlie Heaton, Stranger Things) after a car accident kills his father and leaves Steven in a vegetative state. Some time later, another boy Mary is treating goes missing, and Mary begins having a mental breakdown, having difficulty distinguishing her dreams from reality. 

She's wishing this movie was just a dream

This movie starts off slow and doesn't really pick up at all until the last fifteen minutes or so, but by then you've probably given up on the film completely. The scares are nonexistent, as is any tension, uneasy feeling, blood, gore, or anything else that would make for a good horror or thriller. Watts, who is typically at least a decent actress, is horrible here, and not even Oliver Platt, who is good in just about anything he does, seems not to care enough to do more than phone this one in. Heaton at least tries in his role, but it gets to the point of laughable over acting. The plot, which could have built an interesting story surrounding Mary and Steven, or even around the missing boy, falls into cliche after cliche, leading to an unexpected twist ending--don't think of that as a positive here, as the twist is so absurd and unlikely that you will shake your head and roll your eyes when it unfolds. Thankfully, the movie is at least shot well, and the lighting adds mood otherwise missing from the film. Still, this is not enough to make this film one worth going out of your way to watch.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Shut In Movie Trailer

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