Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Home For The Holidays Movie Review

At the insistence of their dying father, four sisters reunite at his mansion, where they suspect their old man's new wife is poisoning him. Soon after, the sisters begin dying off as well. Not to be confused with the 1995 Robert Downey Jr. and Holly Hunter comedy that long time readers may recall being on this site back in its early days, this is a 1972 made for television film, so we know right off the bat not to expect much blood and guts. What we do get is a somewhat interesting story, lots of standard 1970s zooms, and some surprisingly good acting.

And a young Sally Field

The sisters--Field, Eleanor Parker, Jessica Walter, and Jill Haworth--all turn in decent performances, though Parker and Walter go a little too over the top during their respective character climaxes. If you're into the 70s look, you may also find the gals visually pleasing as well. Julie Harris as Elizabeth, the new wife, is the real acting gem in this film, as she plays the character straight as an arrow. The movie goes for a twist or two in the end, but you will likely see them coming, so it doesn't get many points for this. The scares are few, but for a made for television film from 1972, the death scenes push the envelope somewhat. While far from a classic, Home For The Holidays is a little better than I expected, and is worth a watch. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Home For The Holidays Television Spot (This is really cool)

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