Monday, April 24, 2017


The Shadows Movie Review

After a storm topples their boat, five friends end up stranded in a run down house on a small island. They soon begin to hear mysterious noises, see strange shadows, and question their reality. Do you ever pop in a low budget movie, sigh at what you expect, but then as it unfolds you think to yourself "maybe this won't be so bad'? This is one of those movies...for a while at least. The CGI is really bad but will incite a laugh, and is used minimally. The acting is a bit of a step up from what you would expect from a film of this budget and with the same last name appearing repeatedly in the credits--Collett is the name in this one--this includes writer/producer Paul Collett, film editor Dianna Collett, and actor Alan Collett, who sounds like Nathan Lane and looks like...somebody...I couldn't put my finger on it.

Any help?

The movie rolls along, and the storyline is actually somewhat interesting...why are they there? Are they really there? Who is this odd Hispanic lady who sometimes can habla ingles and other times can't? Are they alive or dead? Are there really pirates coming?! Unfortunately, this all gets bogged down with an uninteresting love triangle, and the third act completely falls apart. Of all the disappointments, the arrival of the pirate is the biggest let down. By the time the final couple scenes unfold, you have stopped caring, and the film overlays that come from out of nowhere only add to the annoyance. The Shadows isn't a terrible movie--just a disappointing one.  

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

The Shadows Full Movie (...allegedly. I'm not watching the entire movie again to verify this)

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