Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The Mad Ghoul Movie Review

Scientist Dr. Alfred Morris (George Zucco) experiments with a nerve gas used centuries ago by the Mayans, and discovers he can essentially turn people into zombies he can control. He uses this on his right hand man, medical student Ted Allison (David Bruce), in an attempt to win the love of Ted's girlfriend, Isabel (Evelyn Ankers).

Planting a seed

By the way, the only thing that keeps Ted alive is fluid from hearts, so a good bit of grave robbing and cutting out of hearts takes place as well. The acting is actually pretty solid in this movie, which makes up for the slow pace and, at times, tedious dialogue. Around the time this movie was released (1943), some of the most popular monsters in movies were ones that transformed, and Teddyboy falls into that category, going from a handsome fella to a ghastly looking monster.

...or an insomniac

The bodies begin to pile up, and the doctor seems on his way to seeing his plan come to fruition when Ted figures out what is going on long enough to turn things around, leading up to a really good ending. The Mad Ghoul will never be considered one of Universal's best movies of that era, but it's not a particularly bad movie either.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

I couldn't find a trailer for The Mad Ghoul, so here's a look WAY back at a quick promo for the movie on Son of Svengoolie!

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