Monday, April 17, 2017

EEGAH (aka Eegah: The Name Written In Blood)

Eegah Movie Review

After spotting a giant caveman, Roxy Miller (Marilyn Miller) enlists the help of her boyfriend, Tom (Arch Miller, Jr.) and her father, Robert (Arch Miller, Sr., credited as William Watters for this role and as Nicholas Merriweather for director and producer of the film), to track the mystery man down. The caveman soon kidnaps Roxy and Robert, taking them to his cave, while Tom looks for them. So half the film is spent in the cave, as father and daughter figure out the caveman's name is Eegah, has dead family members with him, and act much more like husband and wife than father and daughter. With a little help from Tom, they eventually escape, but Eegah, smitten with Roxy, tracks them down at a pool party, where our movie mercifully ends. The film is filled with dialogue that makes little to no sense (and that's not even considering the caveman gibberish), lots of time of nothing happening, and terrible audio dubbing, including the infamous "watch out for snakes" scene.

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Apparently Hall Sr. was determined to make his boy the next Elvis, so with the money they made from the much more enjoyable The Choppers, Hall made this film, which, like The Choppers, has multiple scenes of Hall Jr. singing--these are actually probably the best scenes in this movie. Roxy is a chick who is just guy crazy--aside from dating Tom and practically seducing her father, she takes a fancy for an extra near the end of the film and suffers a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome after escaping Eegah's clutches--the argument could be made she has actually fallen for him too.

The beard, however, had to go

Known as one of the worst films ever made, Eegah was actually a financial success for Hall, allegedly making over a million dollars in drive in theaters--this only adds to the weirdness that surrounds this film.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

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  1. I dont know I kind of liked this flick if I remember right did it not have some catching song as well?

    1. Hey Bob, yes, there is some catchy music in this movie. It's actually probably the best thing about the movie!