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KONG: SKULL ISLAND (From The Theatre)

Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

On the heels of the Vietnam War, Government agent/conspiracy theorist crackpot Bill Randa (John Goodman, 10 Cloverfield Lane) gets approval from the U.S. to go to the previously uncharted Skull Island to conduct experiments. He enlists the help of the Sky Devils helicopter squadron headed by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson, practically every movie made in the last twenty five years), British Special Forces agent James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston, Thor), and an anti-war photographer (Brie Larson). What everybody doesn't know, but find out as soon as they reach the island, is that Randa isn't there to map out a new island--he's there to search for monsters. The latest reboot of the classic film is practically non-stop action from beginning to end. While we see Kong very early in the film, it's not until a little later that we get an appreciation of just how big he is in this movie.

This gives you an idea

The impressive ensemble cast assures solid performances pretty much all thee way around (Larson notwithstanding), and the special effects and CGI are strong. This being Skull Island, we expect other monsters to pop up throughout, and we are not disappointed on this front either--in fact, there were even more monsters than I expected, and the final monster is particularly nasty. The soundtrack is also fantastic--of course the movie is set in 1973, so one would expect this. Surprisingly, Kong doesn't fall for the chick in this movie, though it is teased on an occasion or two. 

"What do you mean I'm not your type?!"

There is a bit more comedy in this film than I care for, but the main drawback for me is the use of slow motion time and time again--this is especially bad in the final fight scene, which had potential to be SO much better. Still, these complaints are not enough to take away the enjoyment of this film. 

A couple bonus tips: If you are reading this while the film is still in theaters, it's worth the extra dollar or two to catch it in 3D. While it has the typical shortcomings of any 3D film--the worst being in scenes at the beginning, in an office environment--it is here the people walking behind the main characters appear to be on a green screen--the 3D effect makes Kong (and the other monsters for that matter) appear even larger, and there is a scene involving rain that gives the illusion it is actually raining in the theater. The second tip: there is a scene after the credits that is a MUST SEE! 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Kong: Skull Island Movie Trailer

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