Sunday, February 5, 2017

SPLIT (From The Theatre)

Split Movie Review

Three teenage girls are kidnapped and held captive by Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy, X-Men films), a man with 23 distinct personalities. Now the girls must find a way to escape their underground prison before the deadly 24th personality appears. This psychological horror film from M. Night Shyamalan stunned many with its success in the box office, and having visited the local theatre myself to see it, I can truly say this is a film that actually lives up to the hype--side note that is very not on par with what this site is dedicated to--La La Land is another movie that is every bit as good as people say it is...not...that...I would...ahem...

"Oh, I just LOVE that film!"

"Wait, YOU soar that"

"HAHA! You thaw LaLaLand, esthetra!

The film is equal parts horror and psychological thriller, with something supernatural in the end. The story is very well written and the movie very well shot, but it truly is McAvoy who shines above all else in this film. I know the Academy would likely never consider a movie such as this, but McAvoy turns in one of the finest acting performances I have ever seen in any genre--as somebody who has seen countless numbers of movie based on a person with multiple personalities, I don't believe I have seen anybody pull off every single personality as well as McAvoy does here--it's both incredible and frightening how he switches from one personality to the next seemingly effortlessly. The story plays out as a slow burn, but the pacing is remarkable, and it all leads to an ending that is both memorable and unexpected--the bonus scene just before the credits will delight any Shyamalan fan...speaking of Shyamalan, after the disaster that was his previous film, Split is a return to form fans have waited years for--I personally believe this to be his best outing since Signs. Split is an early candidate for the best horror film of 2017, and is one worth catching on the big screen.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 9

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