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Carnage Park Movie Review

After robbing a bank and taking a hostage, two men—and the hostage, for that matter—find themselves being hunted by a madman in the desert. Okay, so it’s not giving away much, and you can probably assume this from the get go anyway, but it quickly becomes just the hostage (Ashley Bell) being hunted down by the assassin (Pat Healy), a former military man who (apparently) owns half the California desert. This movie starts off strong, with awesome opening credits and movie title frame that will most certainly put you in the mind of 1970s cinema—this is only made better by the yellow tint added in post. There is a fantastic amount of violence and gore early, and it only fades somewhat as the movie progresses.

Here's a taste

Unfortunately, what starts out as a cool throwback to 70s cinema/grindhouse fare turns into run of the mill cat and mouse horror--it's as if writer director Mickey Keating (Pod) had this wonderful idea for a film but then ran out of original thoughts, so he fell back on the tried and true. By the time we get to the final battle sequence (which is dragged out for far too long) you are already thinking about what this movie could have been. Ferris Bueller's Day Off fans will be delighted to see Alan Ruck appear about midway through the film, playing a character that will put you more in mind of Hendry William French than Cameron Frye--by the time he appears the film has begun the downward spiral, and Keating could have somewhat saved the film by dedicating more time to the relationship between Ruck's character as the sheriff/brother of the killer, but alas...Carnage Park, despite its shortcomings, is still a fun film to watch, and if you're into lots of blood and guts, you'll like this one.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Carnage Park Movie Trailer

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