Monday, January 9, 2017


The Shadow of the Cat Movie Review

After witnessing the murder of her owner, Tabitha, a cat, seeks revenge on those responsible for the death. This is one of countless movies made through the years that revolves around a lot of greedy people gathering at the mansion or castle of the wealthy recently deceased and wanting their share of the inheritance. We’ve seen it all a million times before and this movie really brings nothing new to the table except, well, the killer looks like this…


This is a Hammer film, so your patience will be tested—if you happen to be watching this movie between the evening hours of ten and midnight on a Saturday night and you are running on very little sleep, the only thing that may keep you awake for the entirety is the awesome horror host presenting the film, and his bits going in to and coming out of commercial breaks.

"You're welcome, Josh!"

The acting here is pretty rough, and other than the cat occasionally tricking somebody into their death, little to nothing is actually happening either. Unlike most Hammer films, this one doesn’t even leave us with a good ending—merely a promise of a sequel. How exciting. Unless you are looking for assistance with that nagging insomnia issue, skip this movie.

On A Score Of One To Ten: 3

I couldn't find the trailer, so here's the Svengoolie The Shadow of the Cat opening

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