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Maggie Movie Review

A zombie outbreak has taken over the United States, but unlike in most zombie films, once you are infected you don't instantly turn--instead, it is a process that takes several weeks. Maggie Vogel (Abigail Breslin, Signs, Zombieland) is infected, and after her father, Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger), brings her home, they live out the final days of her life. The federal and local governments take the infected to quarantine once the final stage of the infection sets in, and Wade faces a terrible decision--he can let his daughter go into quarantine, where the infected are neglected and left to kill each other until doctors eventually get around to injecting them with a lethal dose--or, via a hookup from his doctor friend, Wade can inject his daughter with the dose himself, but the result is a long, painful death--or he can kill his daughter quickly. Set in a post-apocalyptic Midwest town, this is as somber as a zombie film gets, but in all the right ways.

Father and Daughter

The movie is shot extremely well, and the largely grey visuals match the tone perfectly. The story is one of the more unique you will find in this genre, and the delivery is outstanding. However, it's the acting that really carries this film to the next level. Breslin is wonderful as Maggie, and Schwarzenegger delivers a dramatic performance so spectacular you have to see it to believe it. Don't expect a lot of the typical blood and gore associated with a zombie film, but the visual of Maggie slowly deteriorating as the movie progresses is more than enough to make up for this. Be warned--if you allow yourself to get involved in this movie (which I recommend, by the way), it can certainly be a mood-altering movie--I'm still feeling the effects the next day. You will TRULY feel for these characters, right up to the tragic end. I ended up liking this film way more than I expected to, and I think it's one that should receive a lot more attention than it does.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 9

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