Saturday, November 19, 2016

THE LOVES OF COUNT LORGA, VAMPIRE (aka Count Yorga, Vampire)

The Loves of Count Lorga, Vampire Movie Review

Count Yorga (or Lorga--keep reading) performs a séance on a handful of friends, but unbeknownst to them, the Count is also a vampire. As he begins turning the women into vampires and/or controlling their minds, the gents have to find a way to stop him. Probably more interesting than the movie itself is the story of the title--the film was originally intended to be a skin flick titled The Loves of Count Lorga, Vampire. Some time later the producers had a change of heart and decided to make a regular (or mundane, whatever you want to say) vampire horror film, did that, and changed the title to Count Yorga, Vampire. The original title was restored in the 1990s, but is the same film that aired in the 1970s as Count Yorga, Vampire, complete with a little sensuality and no nudity or sex.

Good thing they are only craving blood

Lets add a little to this story--as I scrolled through the guide on my overpriced Time Warner Cable, the movie listing for Epix Drive-In stated Count Yorga, Vampire, but the opening credits were The Loves of Count Lorga, Vampire. Back to the film--not a whole lot happens, neither good nor terrible. Donna Anders turns in a good performance and the confrontation between Dr. Hayes and the Count (Roger Perry and Robert Quarry, respectively) is fairly suspenseful, but otherwise your mind will likely wander whilst watching this snooze fest. If you want a boring vampire film from this era, grab a Hammer movie--unlike The Loves of Count Lorga, Vampire, those films at least typically deliver a good ending.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

The Loves of Count Lorga, Vampire Movie Trailer

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