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The Gallows Movie Review

The date: October 29, 1993. The location: Beatrice High School, Beatrice, Nebraska. The event: Beatrice High School's performance of The Gallows. The unfortunate circumstance: A student named Charlie is accidently hung and killed during the play. Fast forward to 2013, when we find the school is performing the play once more. When a few students break into the school the night before the first act, they are haunted by the ghost of, who else, Charlie.

Not THIS Charlie

Right out of the box there are a lot of things to not like about this film, and a lot of stuff is obvious from the get go--one has to believe there is absolutely no chance any high school would allow the performance of a play after a student was killed during a previous performance of said play, much less allow a prop identical to the one that killed the student to be used again. To call this movie predictable would be a gross understatement. The identity of Charlie is no surprise whatsoever, and I bet before he died, Charlie had a girlfriend--and I bet that if you are paying even a little bit of attention to this movie you will identify her the moment you see her. What are the chances one of the students is the offspring of said girlfriend? Think maybe it might be the student who really doesn't fit with the others? Anybody want to guess what the primary weapon is? Odds of there being jump scares, including the killer/ghost getting right in your face just before going to the credits?

Scared yet?

This movie does earn a few points along the way--though the cast is pretty much all teenagers, the characters aren't terribly dumbed down with an excessive use of profanity and/or nonsensical dialogue. What the crew manages to pull off with such a low budget is fairly impressive, and the set does present itself as a creepy one. You can imagine yourself in there with the kids, and forgetting the uninspired plot, you can feel the uneasiness of the setting. No money was spent on needless CGI, so the film does have a realistic feel in that sense. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of the movie far outweigh these few bright spots, and The Gallows will go down as a lazy, unimaginative, albeit highly profitable, horror film.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

The Gallows Movie Trailer

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