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Attack of the Giant Leeches Movie Review

Giant leeches are killing people in a Florida swamp. The game warden and a doctor can't convince the police this is happening, so the duo team with the locals in an attempt to stop the monsters. I am a big fan of 1950s science fiction/creature features, but unfortunately, this 1959 B movie doesn't have much going for it--that said, when we finally get to the leeches, we see they are guys in plastic suits with large mouths sewn on, and yes, they are just as wonderfully bad as you would expect.

These things really suck

Other than Yvette Vickers (of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman fame), who does a decent job (and isn't bad on the eyes either) as the unfaithful wife Liz, the acting is so bad it's laughable. There is a very uninteresting story involving Liz, her husband, and her lover, leading us up to the point when we see the leeches--this is odd in that none of those three characters end up being the primary characters in the end. For having such huge mouths, the wounds the leeches leave on the victims are rather small.

Look at her face, not there

The dialogue is as mind numbing as you can imagine, and the movie absolutely crawls--the film is only 62 minutes long, and maybe it's because I watched it on Macabre Theatre and had to tolerate Ivonna Cadaver going into and coming out of commercials, but the movie seemed to go on for four or five hours. When we finally do get to the end it is...well...underwhelming. There are a lot of fantastic films from this genre and time, and some so bad they're good and a blast to watch--Attack of the Giant Leeches qualifies as neither.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

Attack of the Giant Leeches Movie Trailer

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