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Vampire Journals Movie Review

Zachary (David Gunn) is an 18th Century vampire in modern times searching to kill Ash (Jonathon Morris), a more powerful vampire and descendent of the vampire who forced Zachary to kill his own mistress hundreds of years ago. This 1997 Full Moon movie will, unquestionably, put you in mind of Interview With The Vampire, and for good reason--it pretty much rips off many scenes, moods, and characters from that film, but Vampire Journals is actually a spin-off film from this series. We discover Zachary has destroyed Serena from that series, and after several other killings, Ash is his last great battle. This movie starts off slow, and if you can make it past the horrible acting (and even worse narration) of Gunn, you may find yourself getting in to this film. Morris actually does a very good job as Ash, Starr Andreeff stands out as club owner Iris, and Ilinca Goia steals the show as Cassandra, Ash's right hand woman/worshipper. The movie delivers what you would expect from a film of this genre and time--a story-driven, dark gothic tale filled with lots of blood and boobs.

He's had his fill of both

Mercifully, the movie is short on CGI, instead going with the more traditional form. Unfortunately, much of the action is bland and the end sequence is rushed and...well...boring. A decent story ultimately dissolves into clichés, more Interview With The Vampire theft, and a lead in to a sequel that, almost twenty years later, has not happened. Slightly better than you would likely expect it to be, Vampire Journals is vampire flick worth watching.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Vampire Journals Movie Trailer

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