Monday, October 10, 2016


Teenage Zombies Movie Review

Four teens out for a good time on a lake stumble upon a mysterious island--there they are captured by scientists attempting to create a potion that will turn people into mindless zombie slaves. Fortunately for the teens, at least one person, a lad who may remind you of Wally Cleaver, misses them and is looking for them. Jerry Warren directed this movie, and if that name means anything to you, you probably know what to expect here; if that name means nothing to are more fortunate than you know. Warren's legacy in the world of Hollywood is on par with that of Ed Wood. Warren made a lot of no budget B movies known for being considerably worse than, well, almost any other movie ever made. This brings us to Teenage Zombies, a film that many consider one of the worst movies ever made. One can see why this accusation would be made--the lighting whites out the faces of the actors in many scenes, practically every scene is a medium shot, the plot is beyond ludicrous, the acting is laughable, the dialogue is mind numbing, and the utter lack of anything happening is only outdone by the unexplainable nonsense of when something actually is happening. Zombies? Not really...but there IS a gorilla...for some reason.

See...a gorilla

Still, there is something oddly endearing about this movie. The teens are generally likable, the female scientist is an interesting character, and the end actually supplies a small twist (albeit one you see coming from a mile away). Is Teenage Zombies one of the worst movies ever made? No. Is it a good movie? Not even close.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

Teenage Zombies Movie Trailer

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