Saturday, September 10, 2016


The Thirsty Dead Movie Review

A cult of savages in the mountains of Manila kidnaps four young women, with the intention of drinking their blood to maintain immortality. We begin with the women being captured, followed by a LONG series of scenes of them and their captives walking through the jungle--Randal explaining the Lord of the Rings movies in Clerks II comes to mind. We finally arrive to the caves the cult resides in, and we meet their quasi-leader, a runaway member of Parliament...


My thoughts exactly

The women all bond as they try to figure out if they want to escape. We see skeletons that look like they were borrowed from a high school biology class. We see the women who have been used before--they somewhat resemble zombies. They all worship a severed head in a jar. The acting ranges from bad to worse--Jennifer Billingsley as Laura, the lead, is particularly horrible. There is very little blood and surprisingly, given the premise and time this came out (1974), no nudity--in fact, the film is rated PG and comes off as more a made for television film than anything. The dialogue is dreadful, the pace is akin to walking through mud past your ankles, and nothing ever really happens. The only real redeeming qualities of this movie are the performance of Judith McConnell as Claire and some of the makeup work toward the end is pretty impressive--these two things do not justify spending 90 minutes of your life watching this movie.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

The Thirsty Dead Movie Trailer (with bonus Blood Thirst trailer)

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