Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KILLER MERMAID (aka Nymph) (aka Mamula) (aka Dark Sea)

Killer Mermaid Movie Review

A group of five people in Serbia encounter a killer human and, yes, a killer mermaid. This movie of many names is jam-packed with clich├ęs, if not action--at least initially. After seeing a topless woman and the man she's with killed, we meet our main characters--Kelly (Kristina Klebe, Halloween) and a few people from other countries who clearly struggle speaking English, yet...speak nothing but English throughout the film. We see creepy fisherman types, bringing to mind I Know What You Did Last Summer, a comparison so obvious a character even makes reference to it. After no build up of suspense, a half-hearted attempt at drama amongst the cast, and little reason to care even the least bit about the character, we FINALLY get to see the mermaid.

There's nothing can console her...

Of course she is only momentarily in this form before becoming a monster and unleashing all hell---well, not really. It's more the case she just kind of hangs out and waits for the human killer to feed her. Once the mermaid appears the characters begin dying off, leading to a rushed, albeit somewhat unexpected, ending. This movie has a nostalgic feel to it that is tragically spoiled by poor CGI. Killer Mermaid is some strange mix of not being as bad as I expected it to be, but in a most unfortunate way.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Killer Mermaid Movie Trailer

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