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Island of Terror Movie Review

On a far away island a science experiment goes wrong, resulting in mysterious creatures known as silicates killing people and eating all the bones and tissue from the body. Now a group of doctors and scientists, along with the wealthy love interest of one of them, make their way to the island to see what they can do about it. This 1966 creature feature seems very unbalanced from the beginning. It is an obvious nod to the schlock awesomeness of the 1950s, bordering on being a bad impersonation of The Blob, but it also looks and feels like a Hammer film (maybe it's just because Peter Cushing stars?). Add to this some unexpected (and typically failed) attempts at humor, and music that sounds like it is direct from a comedy--this truly throws off the feel of the entire film. Not that Island of Terror is anything to be taken too seriously anyway...

This IS one of the creatures, after all

...but one has to scratch his head wondering why this comedic attempt was put in here. Mercifully, when it happens it is in short doses, and it doesn't completely overwhelm the film. The acting is fairly bland--nothing terribly offensive, but nothing outstanding either, and Cushing has certainly been better. Some of the visuals are effective, from an unexpected bit of gore (a severed hand scene) to the images of the people after they have had their bones eaten away.

They used to call him Bony...

The climax of the film is decent, creative, and actually has you wondering for a moment if everybody is doomed--an epilogue indicates scientists in Japan have conducted the same experiment, to the same horrific result, but alas, there was never a Japanese sequel. Island Of Terror is no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a fun late night/early morning movie. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Island of Terror Movie Trailer

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