Thursday, September 29, 2016


Baby Blues Movie Review

Upon buying a new house, a young couple discover the previous owner has left something behind...

Loneliness made him sad

As it turns out, the doll is haunted...or possessed...or something...and really weird stuff begins to happen: the man, a music producer, records a song that makes people want to die, his wife gives birth to one child but the twin is stillborn, leading to the wife believing the doll is the dead son, there is an all-knowing hobo living in a cardboard house on the other side of the street from the couples' new million dollar home--mass hysteria! This 2013 Chinese film brings to mind the expression "so bad it's good". The CGI, much of which appears to have been intended for 3D, is horrible. The dialogue is mind numbing--I actually wondered several times if something was lost in translation, as the movie is subtitled. Practically every scene contains some sort of continuity error. There are attempts at humor here and there, but it's the unintentional humor that will have you laughing hardest--the doll nudging the baby across the room is fantastic. I can't honestly say if writer Raymond Bak-Ming Wong and/or director Po-Chih Leong intended this to be so bad or if they put an earnest Ed Wood attempt into this film, but there is nothing even remotely scary about Baby Blues; however, if you are looking for a movie that's lots of fun to watch, this one may be for you.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Baby Blues Movie Trailer

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