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The Familiar Movie Review

After his wife dies, Sam (Bryan Massey) contemplates suicide...until his estranged former sister in law Laura (Laura Spencer) shows up. Soon after, she is possessed by a spirit that has haunted Sam since he was a child. So imagine you have watched every demon possession movie ever created and one day think to yourself  "Hey, I think I'll gather up some friends, pull our money together to rent equipment, and make a movie--in fact, my movie will contain every cliche from every film I just watched!". If you were to do this, The Familiar would likely be the result.

"How dare...wait...yeah, you have a point"

The acting in this movie is...well, again, imagine you gathered up a few will at least have fun trying to decide which you think is the worst. In my book Massey was, by far, the worst of the lot. Have you ever listened to the band The Transplants? You know the one guy in the band, Skinhead Rob Aston...

He comes in at 1:53

Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Travis Barker of Blink 182 are in this band and, I guess deciding that was enough awesomeness for one group, brought along this untalented boob to round out the trio. So if you are a fan of Rancid (as I am) and rushed to buy the Transplants debut album, you were likely beyond disappointed (and still are for that matter) any time Rob's voice came this point you may be asking what this has to do with The Familiar. Just as Rob sings raps screams every line of every song THE EXACT SAME WAY, Massey does the same with his lines in this movie. If you have the misfortune of watching this film you will likely be floored to learn the guy has over 100 acting credits to his name, and more astonishing is that many are for voice acting gigs...somebody somewhere must have needed emotionless dribble in their animated short and/or video game. Spencer is the only person in this film to have even a little bit of acting ability--she actually does a decent job with her character once she starts on the darker side. The ending is abrupt and, yes, cliched---right down to the demon voice. The only saving graces of this movie are Spencer's possessed performance, a decent pace, and the awkwardness between the two lead characters (which, naturally, Massey ruins).

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

I couldn't find a trailer for this movie, and since I really want to listen to them, here's some Rancid

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