Monday, August 29, 2016


Meadowoods Movie Review

Three college students, bored with their small town lives, decide to liven things up, while simultaneously assuring their names will be remembered long after they're gone, by recording themselves killing a random person.

What could go wrong?

This movie looks like it could have actually been made by three bored college students, possibly for a school project (probably by no coincidence, reference is made to this scenario in the movie). Our troublesome trio includes Travis, the psychotic leader; Stephanie, the moody chick; and Ryan, the introspective, reluctant camera guy. We see the group plan out the killing, wax intellectual on matters pertaining to life and death, and, after they choose their victim, interview her to learn more about her and her fears, all in mockumentary form--picture Behind The Mask: The Rise and Fall of Leslie Vernon without the humor and unforgettable awesomeness. All this actually added up to build a fair bit of tension, though it did tend to get repetitive at times. Much to my shock, the acting, while far from Academy worthy, wasn't nearly as bad as one would expect in a film of this caliber. On the down side, the audio is terribly unbalanced here. I literally had my television turned up to maximum volume for the first ten minutes or so--worse, throughout the entire film, whenever music played in the background it was so loud it would drown out the dialogue. Also unfortunate is the ending--they set this up perfectly to pull off the unexpected, but chose to go with the obvious. While certainly no masterpiece, Meadowoods delivers more than what one may expect from a movie with a $15,000 budget. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Meadowoods Movie Trailer

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