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Cry_Wolf Movie Review

After a woman is killed in nearby woods, a group of boarding school brats circulate a hoax email around the school claiming the murder was committed by a serial killer, and the killer will be targeting them next--It's all fun and games until more people start showing up dead.This 2005 horror flick is a nice combination of an interesting story and enough violence to keep your average horror fan tuned in. In some ways it is a throwback to the 80s slasher genre.

The killer is the one on the right

The cast is a mixed one--Lindy Booth (Dawn of the Dead) is very good at playing the manipulative nice/mean girl, and fans of Gilmore Girls..uh...I mean, Friday The 13th...will be happy to see Jared Padalecki make an appearance. My only issue with the cast is Julian Morris as Owen, the lead character--not that the actor alone made the character so dreadful, as it was overall a poorly developed "hero", but a more talented actor could have at least made the character borderline likable--poor Morris takes what is already bad and makes it worse. The movie plays out like a whodunit, leading to surprisingly satisfying results. As is the case with many movies such as this one, suspension of belief is needed to truly enjoy and appreciate the film--patience also helps, as the movie does slow at times. More than making up for these shortcomings is the ending, which, while not completely original, is very clever, memorable, and delivered wonderfully. Cry_Wolf is a movie that, unfortunately, didn't make a lot of waves when it was released, but is truly one of the better PG-13 horror films to have come out in that era.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Cry_Wolf Movie Trailer

Oh yeah, Jon Bon Jovi is in this movie too

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