Friday, July 8, 2016


Cruel and Unusual Movie Review

After Edgar (David Richmond-Peck) kills his wife he finds himself reliving that day over and over, having to not only repeatedly witness her death, but also her attempt at taking his life. In between going back to that day Edgar is locked away in a mysterious building where he has one on one meetings with a talking head on a television...

Sadly, not this one

...and group meetings with fellow distributors of cruel and unusual punishment.

Including that dude from Bates Motel

This movie starts out slow, in fact, that my girlfriend suggested turning it off ten minutes into it, so the ability to stick with it is a crucial one here. If you do manage to get into it though, this really isn't a bad movie. Yes, the movie starts slow and is essentially void of blood and/or gore. Yes, it borrows greatly from this film. Yes, the lead character looks like some weird cross between Stephen King and Hank Hill.

"Propane and propane accessories? Aisle 1408"

Get through these things and you're left with a pretty decent story that fills in nicely as the movie moves along--you'll even be treated to a twist and turn at the end. The story weaves through space and time, but not at a dizzying pace (a distraction many less interesting space/time bending movies use), so keeping up with what's going on won't take too much--use that left over attention to focus on character development. Cruel and Unusual doesn't bring a ton of new material to the table, but it is a pretty good low budget film that may leave you wondering about the afterlife (and, if you need one, presents another reason not to kill somebody, intentionally or otherwise).

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Cruel and Unusual Movie Trailer

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