Thursday, July 21, 2016


After Movie Review

Two survivors of a bus accident, Ana (Karolina Wydra, House) and Freddy (Steven Strait, The Covenant), awake to find they are the only people remaining in their small town. They team up to try to find answers as they see moments from their past play out in front of them and discover a wall of mysterious mist hiding a monster is closing in on them.

He aimed for escape but mist

Okay, so there is an obvious comparison to be made to The Mist, but as the movie unfolded it reminded me more of The NeverEnding Story than anything else.

I expected him to appear from the mist, but Nothing...

We come to find Freddy is a comic writer and Ana wrote screenplays as a child--these facts become very important as we discover how their lives crossed paths in the past. The build up and fantasy elements to this movie are a big plus, but the negative comes in the disappointing finish to the film--it relies strongly on romance as it closes with an ending that takes all the air out of the otherwise strong story. Better casting (especially the children) would have gone a long way here; still, set on a budget of under a million dollars, After is a decent blend of horror and fantasy and is a film that shouldn't be overlooked.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

After Movie Trailer

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