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Island of Lost Souls Movie Review

Mad scientist Dr. Moreau (Charles Laughton) is the creator and master of a race of half human, half animal creatures on an island in the middle of nowhere. When Edward Parker (Richard Arlen) is dropped off there with the latest shipment of animals he is eventually tracked down by his fiancée and a ship captain, who arrive just in time for the human/beast uprising. This 1932 pre-code horror film, based on the writings of H.G. Wells, is one of the most inspirational films of its time, spawning several remakes, including one of my personal favorite awful films, 1996's The Island of Dr. Moreau, a movie I actually paid to see in the theatre back in the day.

It wasn't just to see Fairuza Balk...really it wasn't...

Back to our movie...this movie, aside from the esteemed actors already mentioned, also featured a white-hot at the time Bela Lugosi in a tragic misuse of his abilities...

as Sayer of the Law

...and, in her theatrical debut, Kathleen Burke as The Panther Woman.

Fairuza before Fairuza

The story here is a fairly interesting one, and the film does tend to move at a good pace. The makeup is decent for the time, and the acting isn't terrible. The movie, if nothing else, deserves credit for the impact it had not only on future films but also the music world--it has connections to bands ranging from Van Halen to Devo to Oingo Boingo to House of Pain. The dialogue leaves a little to be desired, the directing much more, but it's not hard to understand why this is considered a standard bearer in the world of sci-fi/horror--Island of Lost Souls may not be among the elite few of its time, but it is an enjoyable movie that everybody should check out.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Island of Lost Souls Movie Trailer

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