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Charlie's Farm Movie Review

A group of friends head to a local haunt known as Charlie's Farm, a place where, according to legend, a family used to kidnap, torture, and kill people. As the story goes, locals killed the parents, but young Charlie escaped and continues to kill around the farm to this day. This Australian slasher film gives us a little blood and guts, some gory death scenes, and some interesting appearances--Tara Reid is the lead, Kane Hodder of Friday The 13th fame shows up as tough guy/potential hero Tony, and Bill Moseley stops by for a brief but memorable performance as Charlie's father. Speaking of Charlie--we first see him as some sort of deformed and/or retarded child before inevitably seeing him as some sort of deformed and/or retarded adult, a visual that may put long time wrestling fans in mind of a legendary group of grapplers from back in the day.

Moondog Charlie?

In reality, that guess isn't too far off, as he is actually played by former pro wrestler Nathan Jones.

The Moondogs are probably more memorable

There's a little bit going for this movie, but there's as much stuff going against it. There are several attempts at humor that miss terribly, leaving the viewer wondering why they didn't just make a straight horror film--of course we then remember that Australians are like American hillbillies so this is sort of to be expected I guess. Speaking of American hillbillies (and deformed and/or retarded people), this movie borrows a lot from Wrong Turn, so there are no points for originality here. The characters are mercifully not unbearable, but they're not particularly likable either--and then there's Tara Reid, who is much more in her zone in movies such as Sharknado than in a film like this. Charlie's Farm isn't a bad movie--if you're in the mood for a retro-esque slasher type movie you could do worse, and it's worth watching for Moseley's performance alone.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Charlie's Farm Movie Trailer (the director's official YouTube video)

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