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The Witch Movie Review

It's the 1630s, and a family off on their own in the New England woods begins to experience the supernatural, tearing them apart over time. I'll start off by saying that, as a rule, I am not a fan of films set any time before, say, the Old West days, and this movie did nothing to change my opinion on that matter. That said, knowing this film predates the Salem Witch Trials by sixty years is interesting, and learning it is largely based on actual writings from the time is pretty cool. Visually, this is a fairly decent film--it's nothing tremendous, but enough to grab your attention. The acting varies--the parents and eldest child are good while the rest range from bad to unbearable. The dialogue is...rough, and that's when you can actually hear what they're saying (and understand them). It's sort of weird to describe this movie--it's certainly not a slasher or jump scare flick, which I didn't expect, but it's also not what I expected it to be--a slow burn film leading to a fantastic payoff--instead the movie just sort of moves along...slowly...with nothing terribly interesting or different taking place. I was praying something would actually happen at some point in this film.

Apparently I wasn't the only one

An interesting mood is set, but the film tends to jump around too much to maintain it. Questions abound: Is there a witch in the woods? If so, who is it? Is the devil possessing the goat? The rabbit? Are the twins even more evil than typical twins? You may care about these things, but this movie dragged on for far too long for me to maintain my interest in the answers--good thing too, as the ending is as ridiculous and unsatisfying as the ending to this disaster. Upon its release there was a lot of hype surrounding The Witch, but instead of going down as a modern classic, I believe this one is destined to, at best, be lost in the shuffle over the years and, at worst, be remembered as one of the great disappointments of its time.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

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