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The Ghostmaker Movie Review

A group of friends discover the 15th Century coffin they have come across was designed by a madman bent on torturing people and creating near death experiences. Naturally the guys want to try it out for themselves, and find the coffin can temporarily turn them into ghosts. So what do they want to do with this? One guy wants to use it to steal money to pay back his girlfriend and drug dealer.

Fives and ones?!

The guy in the wheelchair uses his ghostly being to creep on the aforementioned girlfriend of his roommate.

"You've got something...right there...let me..."

And the third guy? He is the smart one of the group--the only one who sees the danger involved with this behavior, doesn't like the experience, and tries to warn the others to stop.

We know which one dies first

This movie has a complete lack of anything resembling originality, stealing borrowing heavily from movies such as The Frighteners, Flatliners, Final Destination, and even The Invisible Man. This can be overlooked, however, as the movie is at least a little entertaining, fairly well written, and even a tad bit smart. The acting is hit and miss--the three friends are fairly solid, but the remainder of the cast is much less so, especially Liz Fenning as Julie, the girlfriend/creeper victim. As Fenning was clearly not cast for her acting ability one would assume she got the role based on her looks...except she doesn't look good either. Maybe she's related to the director? Lets get back on track--added to the mix is death itself, taking the form of something resembling the mechanism inside the coffin.

He looks wound up

The death scenes in this film are few and almost void of blood and gore--more interesting scenes would have gone a long way in this movie. It does take a while for anything to truly get going here, but when the waters begin to clear, and we get a look at who the hero and villain are, the movie really picks up...only to end with a fight scene so bland and uninspired you will throw your hands up in disbelief. The Ghostmaker is a 2012 film that reminds me of something that would have been released some time in the mid 1990s, and it's every bit as mediocre as most of those movies are.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

The Ghostmaker Movie Trailer

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