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Indigenous Movie Review

In Panama there is a local legend about staying out of the Darien Gap, a dense jungle that houses unspeakable terrors (and a real place that is certainly worth reading about). Because it's what they do, a group of six young people vacationing in Panama decide to ignore all warnings and venture out into the dangerous land in search of...a waterfall.

Speaking of dense...

This low budget 2014 film starts off like practically every other "ignorant American young people vacation in exotic foreign country" film--they get to their destination, drink a lot, dance, act like horses asses, fornicate, repeat, and then the story actually begins to go somewhere. Indigenous goes places we have seen before, and if this movie reminds you of some low budget combination of The Descent, Turistas, and The Ruins, you're not alone.

Look familiar?

Here's the thing though--this movie really isn't bad, and even borders on being...gasp...good! The characters (for once) are believable, and, for the most part, even likable. For having a budget that is obviously lower than the similar movies that managed to hit theaters, the acting is better all the way around than in most of those films--Zachary Soetenga in particular delivers a good performance as Scott, the lead character. The monster is actually pretty scary (see above), is named "Chupacabra", but looks nothing like the beast of the same name we have become used to (see below).

The Chuper, or El Chupacabra if you're not into the whole brevity thing

Unfortunately this film falls into many of the traps that doom so many horror films--clich├ęs abound, predictable outcomes, found footage nonsense--but it does bring enough unusual stuff to the table to not dismiss it, including, but not limited to, unexpected heroes, an actual search for the missing, and even a worldwide response. Indigenous is a movie that is akin to running into an old friend you haven't seen in many years--it is familiar enough to make you feel comfortable, but different enough to keep you interested.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Indigenous Movie Trailer

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