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Dark House Movie Review

Several children are viciously murdered in a foster home known as "The Darrode House". Fourteen years late a haunted house legend (Jeffrey Combs of Re-Animator fame) reopens the house as "The Dark House", the most technologically advanced haunted house in the country. He hires a troupe of actors, including Claire (Meghan Ory), a woman who was in the house at the time of the murders and has been in therapy since, to perform for an advanced screening for the press. Unfortunately, the ghost of old lady Darrode (Diane Salinger) isn't quite ready for company.

This is what kids will do to you

I had to knock the dust off this DVD from my personal collection, and it was well worth another viewing. This movie has an interesting premise, and at times may remind you of this 2001 classic. The various "ghosts" (they're actually holograms that come to life via a computer virus brought on by the ghost of Darrode, but lets not get technical here) are, for the most part, rather impressive, and, depending on your phobia, could border on terrifying.

She may have heliophobia

The special effects leave a little to be desired, but hey, you expect that with a movie with no budget (why they don't just skip CGI in films like this I'll never know). The acting is nothing terrible but nothing memorable either, with the exception of Combs--his performance here is the stuff of legend. There is a bit of comedy sprinkled in here and there, and, as it's (for the most part) not too in your face or self-aware, it actually works. At one point Ory looks at the camera for a split second, and to this day I can't determine if she messed up and it was an accident or if it is the most subtle wink to the audience in film history (I like to think it's the latter). My true love of this movie is two-fold: it reminds me of B-Horror classics from the 1980s (complete with 80's-esque dialogue) and the twist ending is one that, even with my third viewing of this movie, I didn't see coming--not that it's a perfect twist, but I do like it. Dark House will never be considered one of the all time greats in the annals of horror films, but I like it and recommend you give it a shot.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

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