Sunday, April 17, 2016


The Nurse Movie Review

After her father kills the rest of her family and himself, Laura (Lisa Zane) vows revenge on Bob Martin (Michael Fairman), the man she feels is responsible for the loss of her family. As fate would have it, upon hearing of the deaths, Bob suffers a stroke that leaves him with Locked-in syndrome, a condition that leaves him completely conscious and aware of his surroundings but with absolutely no mobility. His live-in nurse? You guessed it. Now Laura psychologically tortures the old man and begins killing his family off.

"Hey, look over here...oh wait..."

This 1997 film has many of the makings of a made for TV movie of that era--from the opening credits to the style of shooting (complete with dreadful slow motion shots) to the borderline soap opera dialogue to the lack of any blood or gore, you will swear this was INDEED a Made for TV film until you hear a random F Bomb dropped near the end of the movie. The acting in the movie is pretty solid, especially Zane as the psychotic nurse. There's a fairly effective twist thrown in near the end, and the build up of tension throughout the film will keep you interested enough to get through. The ending is anti-climatic and forced, so you don't get any sense of satisfaction with that. This isn't a great film, or original one for that matter, and it's easy to see why practically nobody has heard of it, but it's written well enough and the acting is strong enough to make it worth watching. I believe the 1990s to be, overall, a forgettable era in horror history, and this movie epitomizes the mediocrity that hurt that decade.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

I couldn't find the trailer so here's the entire movie

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