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The Lost Boys Movie Review

Brothers Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim), along with their Mom (Dianne Wiest), relocate to Santa Carla, the "murder capital of world", and soon discover that amongst the many dead are also plenty of the undead. This 1987 vampire film is one I have seen approximately three thousand five hundred and sixty seven times throughout the course of my life, and having not watched it for at least six months, I decided to pop it into the DVD player once more for the purpose of FINALLY reviewing it here. Is there anything not to love about this film? It combines sheer horror with a fine dose of comedy, brilliant special effects, a good bit of gore, and perhaps my favorite villain in film history: David.

He's not impressed by this title

Kiefer Sutherland may be known by many these days as the heroic Jack Bauer of 24, but in the 80s he turned in some of the most memorable performances as villains--his portrayal of David here and Ace in Stand By Me are a couple of the greatest bad guys in film history. Really, the entire cast does a wonderful job in this film. We have our heroes...

Sam and Michael and...

...The Frog Brothers,

our vampires,

Marko, aka "The Little One",

Paul, aka "The One Who Looks Like Twisted Sister",

Dwayne, aka "The One With No Name",

and David, aka "The Leader...?".

Throw in for good measure a half vampire,

Star, aka "The Hot Chick"

a couple awesome dogs,


...and Thorn

some random weird people set to Echo and the Bunnymen covering "People Are Strange",

Random Weirdos

and an unassuming yet ultimately brilliant performance from the late Edward Herrmann,

Max, aka "Mild Mannered Video Store Owner..."

a tremendous pace, wonderful dialogue, witty one-liners, an inspired story, and a decent twist, and really, what more could one ask for? Oh, you want more awesomeness? Check out the soundtrack, which from beginning to end offers a wide array of brilliance, from INXS to the aforementioned Echo to Roger Daltrey to Cry Little Sister, the beyond words fantastic theme to the movie. With the possible exception of Ghostbusters, I've seen The Lost Boys probably more than any other film, and almost thirty years after its release, it holds up as a masterpiece of its genre.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 10

The Lost Boys Movie Trailer

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