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Extraterrestrial Movie Review

A group of college kids, off to a cabin in the woods to party for a weekend (no points for originality), witness a U.F.O. crash and soon (not soon enough, by the way) discover the horrors the saucer holds. Having not watched a really good alien film in a while, I scanned Netflix and came across this movie, and, having watched it, I can still say I haven't watched a really good alien film in a while. You can tell early on that for having a limited budget the special effects are actually decent, but as you continue to watch you realize there is a lot to overcome to truly enjoy this film. The irritation begins with the characters--right off the bat you get some backwards stoner clerk character and redneck cop--and that's before we even meet our aforementioned college kids. Once we get to them we get exactly what you would expect: the goody-goody final girl, April (Brittany Allen), her boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma), her best friend Melanie (Melanie Papalia of the legendary horror film Smiley), the so annoying you wonder how anybody could be around this idiot for five minutes without punching him character (Seth, played by horror vet Jesse Moss) and his girlfriend Lex (Anja Savcic).

My sentiments exactly

So we get all the typical stuff you would expect--some drinking, pot smoking, lots of cursing, morons recording with their cell phones instead of running, horrible dialogue, one-dimensional characters, predictable--everything. The jumping back and forth between a traditional film and a found footage film is distracting and poorly executed. The attempts at humor are lame. But then we get the flip side. The effects in this film are really good, some scenes are frightening (albeit stolen borrowed from other films), and the aliens are actually very creepy. In many ways this movie feels like a throwback--a nod here and there to far superior works are included, a lot of stuff happens off camera, and lighting is heavily used to set the mood. We even get an appearance by Jack Nicholson doppelganger Michael Ironside. The makers of this film, The Vicious Brothers,...

...not him

...or even him

...but these guys...wait. THESE GUYS?!

...have taken another horror film that had potential to be one to remember but ultimately misses a couple steps along the way and turns out to be just another horror film.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Extraterrestrial Movie Trailer 

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