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WHEN ANIMALS DREAM (aka Når dyrene drømmer)

When Animals Dream Movie Review

Marie (Sonia Suhl) has a rough life: she works in a fish packing plant with a bunch of abusive men, her mother is suffering from an illness and appears to be on her death bed, she lives on a small island that has seen multiple disappearances and strange happenings, and she is developing a rash that seems to be changing not only how she looks, but how she feels. This Danish film from 2014 is some bizarre cross between Carrie (teen girl being bullied for being different, except by grown men instead of schoolmates, and eventually exacting revenge) and the 1980s classic Teen Wolf (inheriting a body transforming family secret), minus the humor.

And this guy

Does this combination work? I'll be nice and say it's hit and miss. Unlike the two films it appears to borrow heavily from, this movie is built more on mood and emotion than action and words, which gives it more an indie drama feel than a straight horror. That said, when Marie does appear in her full pseudo-wolf form, it is fairly horrific and bloodshed ensues.

"Push ME in a tub of fish will you"

The transformation scenes are impressive, and, for the budget, the film looks nice, albeit too dark at times. Unfortunately, When Animals Dream treads water quite a bit right from the get-go, making it a challenge to hold on until the end, which, though bloody, also runs the risk of making the viewer leave feeling unfulfilled. Is Marie really any better off than she was at the beginning of the film? This is not a particularly bad film, but it's also not one I would go out of my way to see again.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

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